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Mazda achieves record sales of over 70,000 units in 2018. Six new models planned for this year

Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd. was highly successful in 2018, achieving record sales of over 70,000 units, reflecting a growth of 37% compared to the previous year. The company is confident that the automobile market will blossom this year due to several positive factors, and plans to introduce 6 new models including passenger cars, MPVs and crossovers that come with new design philosophy as well as SKYACTIV-X and Hybrid technology.

Mazda wants to emphasize the brand’s technology leadership and has a policy of establishing long-term relationships with customers. Meanwhile, after-sales quality is being dramatically improved with nationwide showroom and service center renovations expected to be completed within the end of this year. Mazda plans to sell over 75,000 vehicles in Thailand this year and win a market share of more than 6.7%.

Mr. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd., said the past year was one that witnessed the skills and quality of those within the automobile industry due to the very high level of competition. “Mazda did not have all-new models to compete in the market, but we were able to achieved sizeable sales figures,” he said. “This is partly due to the confidence in our products, on-location marketing activities as well as effective brand communication that allows customers to understand our premium status, and outstanding customer service quality.”

“This allowed Mazda to sell 70,475 vehicles last year, equivalent to an increase of 37%,” Mr. Chanchai said. “The Mazda2 was the top-selling model in the small passenger car market with an aggregate of 45,972 units, posing a growth of 45%, while the CX-5 crossover SUV was also highly successful, registering sales of 8,184 units. Meanwhile, the BT-50 PRO pickup has gained popularity and won 7,498 customers, an increase of 26%. This has allowed Mazda to win a 6.7% market share in Thailand, which is the highest for the company worldwide.”

Mr. Chanchai said that last year, experts had predicted that the Thai automobile market will reach 920,000 units in 2018, but after the end of the second quarter, many had raised their projections to 1 million units. “A total estimate of 1,040,000 automobiles were sold in 2018, a growth of 19% compared to the 871,650 vehicles sold in 2017,” he said. “Mazda sold a total of 70,475 units for a growth of 37%, and has been able to win a market share of 6.7% which was higher than we had expected.” The breakdown of Mazda sales by model is as follows:
Mazda Sales January – December 2018 vs 2017
Jan – Dec 2017
Jan – Dec 2018
% Change
+ 45
+ 6
Mazda CX-3
- 7
Mazda CX-5
+ 69
Mazda BT-50 PRO
+ 26
Mazda MX-5
+ 37

Meanwhile, Mr. Chanchai also discussed Mazda’s business development plan for 2019, stating that the Thai auto market will remain stable or grow slightly, with total sales projected at 1.03 – 1.06 million units. “Mazda’s sales are expected to exceed 75,000 units and grow by 5 – 10%, with more than 6.7% market share,” he said. “This year we will continue to emphasize on pre- and after-sales quality, raising the potential of our team at MST as well as dealers. This is an important year as Mazda will launch 6 new models with 2nd-generation KODO Design and next SKYACTIV technology, along with increasing marketing and communication channels in order to get closer to our customers.”

Executive Vice President Mr. Atsushi Yasumoto added that Thailand is an important market for Mazda. “Thailand is the No.1 market for Mazda in the ASEAN region for more than 10 consecutive years and Mazda Motor is offering support to Mazda Thailand in every way, ranging from investment and technology. This year Mazda is advancing into our 7th generation models and the new SKYACTIV-X engine technology.” “When mentioning the new engine, I must also talk about electrification as the SKYACTIV-X engine is coupled with electric technology,” he said. “In this respect we have started from the well-to-wheel stage along with aiming to lower total carbon dioxide produced through all of the vehicle systems. Mazda sees the problem of global warming, and this is the reason for our ‘Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030’ plan that aims to create a better world for everyone.”

Meanwhile in terms of marketing, Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Vice President for Marketing and Government Affair, said communications is an important factor in reaching customers. “We need to develop and strengthen online communications, starting from designating a ‘Mazda Brand Style’ in order to create brand awareness, which will lead to the coming of our 7th-generation products. We have redesigned the logo, Thai and English fonts, photo elements and display areas both in the showroom and at various marketing events,” he said.

“In addition, we are improving the Mazda website and you will see the new version very soon. The new website will be more user-friendly, and will be like a window for people to visit the Mazda world. Everything will be presented smoothly and conveniently,” Mr. Thee added.

“Although we are living in an age of information and media that rapidly comes and go, many see that consumer behavior is changing all the time. But in fact there are still many behaviors that still remain. Consumers of today want simplicity and convenience, while Mazda wants to establish a long-term relationship with them, in order to maintain ongoing brand awareness. That’s why staging marketing activities and using various marketing strategies must go along with the changing consumer trends.”

After sales service is one of the core values of Mazda which has been continuously improved in order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction. Dr. Panat Boonkham, Vice President for After Sales Service, said Mazda has been busy upgrading paint and body shops at dealers all around the country. “Presently 21 new facilities are up-and-running and the target for this year is 28, which will be increased to 58 within 2021,” he said.

“In addition, the servicing process is also an important part, so what we need to speed up in order to achieve the highest performance is the servicing bay capability, competitive parts pricing, speedy parts delivery (for Bangkok parts are delivered 3 times per day and once for the rest of the country), and improving the quality of the service center while the personnel quality must have the same high standards countrywide.”

Mr. Sommai Sae-Ung, Vice President for National Sales, said Mazda will continue to organize sales promotions this year. “In order to achieve our sales targets, we need to have an effective process to reach target customers. There are 3 main venues that we can meet them – the showroom, local events and online,” he said.

“Mazda has 2 major plans in order strengthen our dealer network, which is staging showroom activities and roadshows at leading department stores around the country. This will help us get closer to potential customers.” Among the activities planned for this year is the “MAZDA NEXT EXPERIENCE” and “MAZDA SKYACTIV FESTIVAL”, Mr. Sommai said.

Mazda presently has 139 showrooms in Thailand, and 5 more will be added to the list by the end of 2019. Last year 81 showrooms went through major renovations while another 115 will undergo the process this year, added.

These are the measures that Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd. plan to carry out this year in order to strengthen customer awareness and confidence in the brand on a long-term basis, as well as help the company achieve its business targets.

Mazda is also preparing to stimulate the Thai auto market further during the last quarter of this year. For more information click www.mazda.co.th and Mazda Thailand official Facebook/YouTube/Instagram/LINE accounts.

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