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Mazda achieves its 2020 sales amid Covid-19 at almost 40,000 units

[Bangkok] Mazda reveals that its 2020 sales reached to 40,000 units, had 5% market share and Mazda2 was the best-selling model. Mazda prepared for numbers of new car launch to stimulate the market, especially the 'All-New Mazda BT-50' that will become the evolutionary change to Thailand's pickup truck market, aimed to communicate sustainable zoom-zoom 2030 vision and set sales target at 50,000 units increase 30% accounting for 6% market share.

Mr. Chanchai Trakarnudomsuk, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd., said "2020 was the challenging year because there were many factors affecting the business particularly the pandemic of Coronavirus resulting the economic downturn since the beginning of the year. However, with the government measures and cooperation of Thai people, business performance has been continuously improved. As a result, the overall sales was better than expected."

For 2020 automotive industry, it was projected in January that the overall market will be 1 million units which was equivalent to 2019 overall sales. However, in the end, the total industry figure for the whole year was about 7.9 hundred thousand units, decreased by 20%. Mazda initially projected its sales in 2020 at 50,000 units but after the pandemic of Covid-19, Mazda adjusted its sales target to 45,000 units in mid-2020, but it could finally be managed to achieve a total sales of 39,266 vehicles or decreased by 32% which was lower than expected. Nevertheless, this sales units was considered as the highest in ASEAN region and among emerging markets. The sales could be divided into 24,839 units of passenger car, 11,716 units of SUV and 2,711 units of pickup truck and the total sales was accounted for 5% market share.

From this sales figure, as a result, Mazda vehicles, embodied SKYACTIV technology and KODO design, had an accumulated sales at almost 300,000 units within 7 years. From the increasing number of Mazda's sales over the years, Mazda in Thailand remains one of Mazda's major markets worldwide. The success of Mazda in 2020 was the huge support from our fans and customers especially for the unveiling of the CX-Series and every model achieved spectacular success.

Mr. Chanchai also added, "The unveiling of new models, special edition models brighten up passenger car and Crossover SUV market. As a result, in December 2020, Mazda achieved the highest monthly sales of the year at 5,253 units, including 3,084 units of Mazda2 (the highest sale of the year) followed by 936 units of Mazda CX-30 (the highest sales since its first launch), 457 units of Mazda CX-3 (the highest sales in the past 2 year), 391 units of Mazda3, 260 units of Mazda CX-8 and 124 units of Mazda CX-5 respectively."

In 2020, Mazda continued to promote its marketing activities even in crisis. Mazda switched to use online platform to communicate to the customers including all marketing and sales activities, also new car model introduction. In addition, Mazda expanded dealer network in 12 locations to enhance the confidence for our customers and among the partners and it was considered as the brand that opens the most new showrooms in this year despite tough market situation. Also, we had been continuously supporting marketing activity and social contribution i.e., "Mazda Caravan Pansuk" to help people affected by COVID-19, motor sport activity under "Mazda Innovation Motorsport" and football team "Nakhonratchasima Mazda FC".

Mr. Chanchai also shared his vision about the economic and automotive industry in 2021, "The automotive industry in 2021 is expected to reach around 8.4 hundred thousand new car sales which is close to the previous year. However, we have to keep eyes on the Covid-19 pandemic as it is an uncontrollable factor. For Mazda, we aim at 50,000 units or 6% market share."

In order to achieve the sales target, Mazda plans to strengthen its business by unveiling several new car models that meet the customers' needs, especially the All-New Mazda BT-50 that will become a revolutionary change that Mazda will create a significant phenomenon in the Thai pickup truck market.

"In this year, we will continue to communicate the "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030" vision, with a specific focus on Mazda's approach to problems facing the earth, for people and society. We will aim at "Fun-to-Drive" and strengthen the quality of our sales and service, reinforcing the image of a premium brand that delivers excellent values and services to customers in Thailand." Mr. Chanchai added.

Mr. Thee Permpongpanth, Vice President of Marketing and Government Affairs said about marketing strategy, "Last year performance was considered as a great success although Mazda did not introduce any new car model in the first half of the year. However, in the 2021, we will continue focusing on online marketing strategy to meet the exact needs of the customers in this digital era".

Despite concentrating on sales, focusing on service throughout the ownership of the car is also crucial. Mazda has improved the quality of Mazda spare parts and its pricing in order to offer our customers the best value for money in the market. We enhance customer's convenience by having service part delivery twice a day for Bangkok and its perimeter and daily service part delivery for upcountry. We will also focus on enhancing service quality and network expansion throughout the country to create customer satisfaction.

Mr. Thee added, "Mazda has achieved this success because we are concentrating on a continuous quality improvement not only the sales. On the way forward, we will further emphasize on marketing and aftersales service activities to facilitate customers and attract new customers. In this year, Mazda sets the sale target at 50,000 units but not only that, as a one Mazda Team together with our dealers, we would like to enhance our quality in all functions in order to enhance the customer satisfaction."

"All mentioned above is Mazda's 2021 business plan. I would like to thank all the customers, partners and related parties that have been supporting Mazda. We will continue delivering the cars that are set on the need of our customers." Mr. Thee added.

Mazda sales 2019 vs 2020


Jan – Dec 2019

Jan – Dec 2020

% Change




- 48%




- 36%

Mazda CX-3



+ 7%

Mazda CX-30




Mazda CX-5



- 46%

Mazda CX-8



+ 187%

Mazda BT-50 PRO



- 52%

Mazda MX-5



- 64%




- 32%


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