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Thai Navy SEALs #2, a limited-edition from Luminox

[Bangkok] Following the success of the collaboration between Luminox and SEAL Thailand has been well received by collectors and Luminox watches fans, Luminox has cooperated with SEAL Thailand again this year in the production of a special limited-edition timepiece Thai Navy SEALs #2, a limited-edition watch created with an inspiration and by faith in the spirit of the SEAL, with a total of only 800 units available for sale in Thailand today. which portion of proceeds from every sale will be donated to the SEAL Thailand Foundation for further use.

The special edition of Thai Navy SEALs #2 3500 Series features several upgrades designed to function in all circumstances and to weather the toughest obstacles in the harshest environments. The eye-catching black case is made of Carbonox™, an innovative carbon compound material and a trademark of Luminox, thanks to Carbonox™, which is 6 times lighter than steel but is highly durable. It does not cause skin irritation of the wearer's sensitive skin. Dial size 45 mm, back cover and crown are made of stainless steel. Water resistant to 200 meters. The band is made of high-quality silicone (PU) rubber, 24 mm wide and features a unique Luminox watch that can glow by itself in the dark for up to 25 years. The feature of this intelligence timepiece is on the back cover and the dial, which are emblazoned with SEAL logo that represents the legendary strength of the Thai SEAL along with the motto of the Thai SEAL NO ONE LEFT BEHIND run number from 001 to 800. There is also a special difference from Thai Navy SEALs #1, which Thai Navy SEALs #2 will come in the form the box set includes a genuine NATO fabric strap and a genuine Luminox Dog Tag leather replacement strap, running numbers according to the engraved number on the back cover and the limited edition certification card, representing the exclusive of Luminox Thai Navy SEAL #2, with a total of only 800 units available for sale in Thailand. At the launching ceremony on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, at the Q Step, 1st floor at The PARQ, many well know people and celebrities joined the event, such as Tony Rakkaen, whose personal lifestyle is fond of travel and adventure, Fahsai Paweensuda Drouin who like extreme sports, along with Sarinya Mahadumrongkul, Jar Pattama Sujaritkul, and Capt. Tinakorn Kanchanatemee, Deputy Commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command, Royal Thai Fleet.

Mrs. Vipawan Mahadumrongkul, Managing Director of C.Thongpanich Co., Ltd, revealed that "Luminox Thailand has good intention to produce this second edition of the Thai Navy SEALs special model to encourage and motivate people of all sectors to turn their attention and focus on the dedication of SEAL officers in their missions. We also took this opportunity to support this honorable organization by producing only 800 units of this limited-edition timepiece priced at 21,900 baht which a portion of every sale will be donated to the SEAL Thailand Foundation".

“Another objective of this cooperation with SEAL is to promote the potential of the SEAL through creative timepiece design that can be reflected through the design work which is a unique, outstanding with special features. It has the typical durability of Luminox and is limited. We should not miss to have one! As we will also has the opportunity to support the SEAL’s dedication and sacrifice in the work for the benefit of the society that have been seen and impressed among Thai people. After the success of the Thai Navy SEALs series#1 last year, and we donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale to the SEAL Thailand Foundation for various uses, it can be considered as another phenomenon of cooperation that must be documented. In which we will continue to cooperate with creative marketing like this again if there is an opportunity. It is one of our intentions and missions to do business that is not only profitable, but must be able to meet the needs of society and achieve corporate business goals at the same time." Mrs. Vipawan said.

RADM. Supachai Tanasansakorn, Commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command, Royal Thai Fleet, said “as a representative of all SEALs, we are impressed by Luminox Thailand 's intention on producing this special edition Thai Navy SEAL watch to encourage and motivate people in all sectors to turn their attention and see the importance of the dedication of SEAL officers in various missions and be part of the supporter of the Naval Special Warfare Command. The Thai Navy SEALs #2 reflects the strength and endurance of The SEALs who have be trained to pass each mission with great perseverance and determination, with readiness to sacrifice their own lives without leaving anyone behind like the motto of the Thai SEALs NO ONE LEFT BEHIND which is meaningful to the SEALs' sacrifice. And that not only refer to our fellows but also all Thai people that we are ready to sacrifice to protect everyone. Therefore, the production of this special timepiece is one of the great prides of the SEALs that Thai people have valued in our mission and our commitment. We are happy to be able to help and inspire all Thai people to not be defeated by any obstacles, only with a determined mind and real determination. Moreover, the SEAL would like to thank Luminox and all Thai people who help support activities of the SEALs by donating portion of proceeds from every sale to the SEAL Thailand Foundation for further use.

With its attractive design and strong features combined with the faith and belief in the spirit of the SEAL that inspired the creation of the Luminox Limited Edition Thai Navy SEALs #2, is an invaluable timepiece that is not only strong but also durable, with the spirit of determined efforts to overcome every obstacle. Let’s the wearer be ready to push their limits in any challenging situation. It is inspired by a great number of dedications conducted by SEAL, especially one of the most daring and widely publicized cave rescues of 13 young footballers from Wild Boar Football Club and their coach who were trapped in Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Chiang Rai Province. The watch also adopts the honorable spirit of the Navy SEALs mantra, whose core values embrace never quitting, and doing whatever it takes to pull your teammates through. From strenuous conditioning on both land and sea, to weathering the most grueling conditions, the Thai Navy SEALs are constantly pushed to their limits during training so that only the toughest minds, bodies, and souls have the honor of earning Navy SEALs status and to survival from various extreme circumstances. The SEALs are pushed to step across the limits that are like the timepiece that are ready to move forward endlessly.

Following the success of Thai Navy SEAL #1 last year, Luminox Thailand has donated 1 million baht to support SEAL Thailand. To continue the good project, meet with Luminox Thai Navy SEAL #2, with only 800 units in Thailand, at price 21,900 baht. C.Thongpanich Co., Ltd, official and solely distributor in Thailand, will donate portion of every sale to the SEAL Thailand Foundation. Exclusively, during the incoming New Year celebration, meet with special offers and discounts up to 40% for all Luminox timepieces from today!

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